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Our Vision

The company has embraced the latest technologies in communication, transportation and logistics to ensure that our clients receive the right service at the right time.
Our management and technical staff are dedicated to steer this company towards achieving these goals. We plan to include in our bracket private companies and more so.


Master Builders For Ready Concrete & General Supplies

Our Mission

1. To deliver relevant, timely, and accurate services on construction projects and Supplies by maintaining an open approach that places the client at the  centre of everything we do.

3. To never lose sight of the importance of the local market.

But to make sure our customers benefit from our national network of associated companies

2. To foster a work environment with the customer in mind, that encourages creative thinking, innovative solutions, responsibility and accountability at every level

4. To maintain community awareness and ensure we never lose sight of the value of the individual. - 2022-09-12T151551.768.png

Our promise

It is our sincere hope that this company will continue growing to greater heights at the same time satisfying our clients’ needs. To achieve

these we have set up the following goals.

Customer Focus - everything we do is driven by customer needs. We want to be your indispensable partner. We have a passion for understanding and exceeding your expectations and we are committed to providing superior products with the highest levels of quality and excellence.


Our Executive Team

Chief Executive Office

Eng  Ahmed Hosny

Chairmen Business
development manager

Eng Tarek  ELshereef

Executive Director

Eng Fady Maher

The administrative and technical structure of the company consists of




Why master Builders ?

Because is a sprawl of Delta company which is one of the strongest company for construction and supplies through all the different missions including cement and construction materials and the ability that our company can provide and improve all the raw material that fulfills customer needs.

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